How do I market my services via social media?

I know I need videos and graphics, but how many?

What do I share? When, and how often?

When I work on social media, who serves my customers?

Not having the time and resources to fully implement social media is a common problem.

Thousands of small business and nonprofit owners share this frustration.

My content formula is a tried and true system that will allow you to keep your audience engaged for 90 days.

I will also introduce you the most comprehensive "set it and forget it" method available.

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About Aisha

Aisha Adams, a former classroom teacher, is now a blogger and business owner who homeschools her son. Her written work has appeared in publications like The Asheville Citizen-Times, The Asheville Grit, and The Final Call. Aisha has a BA in English with a concentration in creative writing from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). She also holds a Masters in Post-Secondary and Adult Education. Aisha is also a 2016 My Home, My Voice Fellow. Aisha is also the author of Vegan Curious