5 Tips For Putting Together A Successful “Giving Tuesday” Campaign

What Is “Giving Tuesday”?

“Giving Tuesday” is a global day of giving that happens via social media. Through a strong campaign that amplifies your mission, vision, and programming, you should be able to compel others to join your organization by sharing their time, talent, and treasure. In 2016, organizations raised 168M dollars on “Giving Tuesday.” The average gift given is usually $107.00.(Blackbaud)

Although “Giving Tuesday” is celebrated annually on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, it isn’t just about one day. It should kick off the charitable aspect of the holiday season, as this is when people start to focus on their end-of-the-year giving.

How Can “Giving Tuesday” Help Your Organization?

“Giving Tuesday” was designed to maximize the potential of social media and the generosity of people wanting to bring about real change in their communities. This Tuesday provides a platform that encourages everyone to make a direct impact on local challenges. Honestly, this is one of the easiest ways to bring in unrestricted funds and other vital resources into your organization.

5 Tips For Creating A Successful “Giving Tuesday” Campaign

1. Create an email funnel for “Giving Tuesday.” Start the week of Thanksgiving. Let people know what you plan to do and how they can be involved.

2. Be sure that you have “thank you” gifts for your givers. We all want to do our part to give, but we all love to feel appreciated. I suggest a tiered approach.

3. Follow up with your givers by sharing your win. Lots of organizations forget to follow up with donors. However, it is essential to show people what your team has accomplished thanks to their participation.

4. Be sure a part of your campaign amplifies the mission and vision of your organization. While “Giving Tuesday” is about giving, don’t forget it is also about visibility.

5. Don’t just focus on money. Every organization will be asking for money, and you should ask too. However, don’t forget the power of volunteers. Also, ask community members to share their time and talents as well.


Do you need help getting ready for “Giving Tuesday”?

If you are a non-profit organization decision maker or you are working on a community project and want to talk about “Giving Tuesday,” email me at Aisha@AishaAdamsMedia.com for a link to my calendar.