Like Us Or Not: 3 Things More Critical Than Likes On Your Facebook Business Page

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When someone on Facebook likes your page, it doesn’t mean they have experienced your product or service.

I see a lot of small business owners working tirelessly and unproductively to increase their visibility via their Facebook business pages all the time. They launch paid campaigns in hopes of increasing likes. Many of them feel increasing likes will increase their revenue and web traffic. They add LIKE US ON FACEBOOK to their signage, business cards, etc. They drop cute banners in their feeds and groups in hopes of getting more likes. Like and share our Facebook page being the call to action.

These banners are fun. We recommend adding one to your campaign every now and again for good measure. After all, your family and friends will pity you, and they will eventually get around to liking your page. To be honest, this is not effective marketing. When someone on Facebook likes your page, it doesn’t mean they have experienced your product or service. Therefore, they aren’t in a position to recommend your product or service.


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Unfortunately, the way Facebook is set up, likes don’t even guarantee the person doing the liking will ever be interested in your product and/or service. Yes, if you like something it will show up in your feed for a little while. However, if you aren’t interested in the product or service, then it won’t matter. It will disappear off your feed in a few days and just serve as an empty like to the business owner.

How many empty likes do you have? How many people liked your page, but aren’t the least bit interested in your product or services? Since likes don’t increase your foot traffic, revenue or value, working to increase likes is unproductive.

Here are 3 things more critical than likes on your Facebook business page.


Brand Recognition:

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Make sure that your page is undeniably branded. This means, make sure your page looks like it actually belongs to the company that runs your website, sells your products and/or your services. Be sure your flyers, logos, banners, etc. are a good representation of your overall brand. Check for typos, mis-spellings, and other common errors. Deliver the same quality via Facebook that you would in your store, kiosk, or office. 


Targeted Engagement:

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Your Facebook Business page should be full of your own creative, original content.  The people who take the time to visit your page are potential partners, customers, or clients. They come to your page because they are interested in learning more about your business. Indulge them. Create a page that allows your target audience to get to know your brand, products, and services. Don’t stop there. Use visuals to let them see your work and employees up close.


Testimonials and/or Reviews:

Ask your clients to write testimonials or reviews and post them on your Facebook business page. When customers leave reviews or testimonials they are recommending your product or service. These clients will instinctively like your Facebook page. More than that, they will create a real review that will add value to your brand. 72% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from real people (Search Engine Land, 2012).  In other words, testimonials and reviews help drive sales.

By Aisha Adams. Originally published on The Queenhood.

Picture of Aisha Adams. aishaadamsmedia.comAisha Adams is the Senior Project Manager for Aisha Adams Media Group and a social media/business coach. She holds a Master’s Degree in Post Secondary/Adult Education and a Bachelor’s Degree in English.

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