About Eagle Market Streets Development Corporation

Eagle Market Streets Development Corporation (EMSDC) is a Non-Profit organization which serves the Asheville Buncombe community. It provides property development, economic development and access to human services.


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Eagle Market Street is so much a part of the history of Asheville, but it was time to make it look less historic and more part of the modern age.

We updated the logo, colors, and language to show that Eagle Market Street is here, vibrant, and ready to keep helping the community in new ways.

We wanted to celebrate EMSDC’s heritage and endurance. We looked to West African Adinkra symbols for inspiration. We wrote a blog post about the logo design. Check it out HERE!

It’s hard to help the community if people can’t get to the information they need. We didn’t just focus on making the website look great. We made sure that the Eagle Market Street programs had the main focus and that it will be easy to access applications, helpful information, and contact details.


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Original website pictured above.

Social Media

We updated the Facebook cover and put together a selection of original and curated content to drive traffic to the site.

We developed and followed a social media strategy based on our Social Media Share Plan.


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  • Increased social media following
  • Converted new applicants for the IDA program
  • Updated branding
  • Updated website and brought the IDA application process online.

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