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Going Vegan is so much more than the Science. In this book, Aisha shares some of her favorite vegan recipes, expert shopping tips, and other helpful information that will help readers transition into their vegan lifestyle with ease.


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Vegan Curious Needed a Home

The only information about Vegan Curious outside of social media and the book itself previously lived at the former Aisha Adams blog (now NappyThoughts.com). The blog audience, while interested in the Vegan material, was not the target audience for the book. We decided that it would be better served with its own website and blog. Vegan Curious needed a home, Vegan-Curious.com. We updated the branding, chose vibrant images, and created an online media kit.


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Custom Social Media Frame for original content.

Custom Social Media Frame for original content.

Custom Social Media Frame for original content.

Social Media

We created social media graphics and put together a selection of original and curated content to drive traffic to the site. We designed a PDF kit with matching online media kit.

We developed and followed a social media strategy based on our Social Media Share Plan.


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Authority Building

Aisha Adams Media believes that Authority is the foundation of marketing. People need to trust you and that begins with proving you are an expert in your field. Besides the original content posted via the blog and social media, here are some media that highlights Vegan Curious and its author:

Mountain Xpress

Magic City Radar

The Laurel of Asheville

Bold Life

Media Kit PDF

  • Increased social media following
  • Grew mailing list
  • Increased sales
  • Successfully got the book picked up in 3 stores and by 1 youth program.

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