Social Media Secret: How I Gained 300 Instagram Followers In 72 hours

Instagram has slowly become one of my favorite social media platforms. The best Instagrammer’ s pictures are worth 1,000 words. I currently only have about 1,300+ Instagram followers. That isn’t very much, I know. However, I decided to publish this article because I know that a lot of small business owners are, for the most part, a lot like me. We are everyday people who are trying to build and engage a real audience.

Step: 1
The first thing I had to do is decide what my Instagram account was going to be about and what kind of people I wanted to attract to my page.

One thing I noticed was that the people with the largest following have a niche and that they usually have a blog that supports that niche. When you are a lifestyle blogger, it can be hard to narrow your blog down to a niche. So for my Instagram page, I decided to focus on my vegan diet. First, I felt like a large portion of my blog audience would be interested in seeing what kind of stuff I like to eat. Secondly, it allowed me to show off of my plating skills. Third, when people go to my blog from Instagram there are tons of vegan resources, but they also get to learn about all the other parts of my lifestyle too.
I’ve determined the best followers would either admire, aspire to, or share my vegan lifestyle. This would make them more likely to like, comment, or ask questions on my pictures, and visit the vegan section of my blog.
This step is critical when you are attempting to create an account that people find themselves coming back to over and over again.

Step 2:
I used my Facebook account, but you can use this strategy for LinkedIn & Google Plus, and it should still work well since they all have communities or groups.
Groups can be a great asset to your business if you are the right ones. Just be sure that the group admins are cool with you posting your content, and the people in your group are interested in what you have to share. I can’t tell you how many times a day I am solicited with what appears to be spam because it has nothing to do with me, my business or my life. You need to make sure your business, blog, and your general content is a good fit for the group. To me, a good fit means that the people in your group will either be entertained, educated, or inspired by what you post on Instagram. If not, why should they follow you?
Step 3:
From your content find a picture that best represents what you have to share on your page.
This is the picture I chose. If you go to Instagram, you will notice this picture is a good representation of what you expect to find on my page.

Click here to visit my Instagram Page

Step 4:
Caption your picture and share it with the group. The secret is in your caption. I went into some vegan, vegetarian, and weight loss groups. Each caption was different.
For example, my vegan group caption:
Hey, Vegan Friends.
I finally feel like I have a handle on eating raw “most” days. If you are looking for inspiration, check out my Instagram page.
NOTE: This caption offers inspiration, but it doesn’t over do it. The Caption is everything so choose your words carefully.

Within seconds, people started following me. I try to go to all my new followers’ pages. I make sure to like 3-5 of their pictures and leave a comment or two. This generally will send them back to my page to check it out.
Here is a snap shot of my activity log

I used this strategy in three groups and gained 360 real and engaged subscribers in 72 hours.

I have only tried this in groups I am active in, and I have permission to post in. I hope you can customize this tip to fit your business or blog. Let me know how it works for you. If you need assistance, please reach out for a consultation. There are tons of strategies out there for growing your Instagram, but this one is my favorite.