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Contact: Sarah Busby 
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Lenoir-Rhyne University Partners with Aisha Adams Media Group to Launch the Certificate Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity Leadership Program

Black woman entrepreneur developed professional stand-alone courses or 30- hours certificate to help professionals need to navigate socially complex workspaces

ASHEVILLE, NC – August 4, 2020 Asheville resident Aisha Adams partnered with Lenoir-Rhyne University to develop The Lenoir-Rhyne Equity and Diversity Institute (LREDI). The 30-hour program was developed over a year ago to prevent elevated racism in workplaces and communities.  Due to the recent George Floyd death and nearly two-month march of protestors taking a stand against systemic racism, one would think that this was a quick fix to teach business professionals how to eliminate racism in their workspaces. 

The Lenoir-Rhyne Equity and Diversity Institute is a  30-hour certificate program to train professionals to untangle their connections to bias and actively pursue positive change. LREDI provides participants 16 hours of coursework focused on leadership with 12 additional hours of strategy geared toward company-specific solutions. The courses will be offered September 18-20, September 25-27 and October 16-18.

“LREDI is a corporate training for professionals who have an interest in cultivating spaces of diversity, equity and inclusivity. It is also a learning opportunity for individuals who want to advance equity in their communities.” Aisha Adams, Program developer 

Participants can take each course individually, or they can complete the entire program by receiving an official certificate following its successful completion, along with a company-changing skill set. LREDI participants can focus on business, education or technology. The program has received support from The Racial Justice Coalition and Dogwood Health Trust. 

This is not a course on historical perspective. Our goal is to train people and provide them with deliverables that they can use to ensure equity and diversity are core principles in their professional and personal lives.” – Michael Dempsey, Dean and Director at Lenoir-Rhyne University of Asheville

Additional information about the Lenoir-Rhyne Equity and Diversity Institute, including upcoming course schedule and registration details, is available at www.lr.edu/lredi. Courses offered online and on weekends. 

For press/media inquiries please contact:

Sarah Busby at 678-750-3032 or by email: contact@bthebuzzpr.com

About Aisha Adams:

Aisha Adams is the founder of Aisha Adams Media Group (AAMG). Adams is an entrepreneur, and social media influencer that has been building her media company since 2014.