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“Aisha is so helpful and amazing! She really helped us unlock our brand’s social media potential.”

Angie Stegal, Owner
Yukon & Bean

The AAMG Story

Aisha Adams Media Group was founded in 2014 by Aisha Adams. Over the past five years, her team has helped small businesses and nonprofits bring profitable but conscious content to social media via quality content, workshops, speaking engagements, strategic planning, web design, business coaching and development.

Our Values & Beliefs

Our Mission

We help small business owners, industry influencers and non-profit leaders connect, converse and convert over their target audiences by delivering content that elevates diverse voices, challenges cultural bias, and inspires social change.

Our Vision

We envision a community that is educated, challenged, and inspired by the social media content they experience daily.

Our Values

We value community and have a deep respect for the people who live, work, and play with us. You’re not just speaking to an account exec who only knows what has been taught in training. You are working with people who have built their businesses in the same community as you have. We understand what you need, and want to make the journey with you.

My Approach

As a coach and business developer, my goal is to always create a safe environment in which my clients can see themselves more clearly. This allows us to identify gaps between where you are and where you want and/or need to be. It lends itself to us creating SMART goals and action plans that often require a shift in behavior and habits. These goals and plans then become the guiding structure for your accountability and shape our work together.

About Aisha

Aisha Adams is an influencer with a heart for community economic development who champions social change advocates, thought leaders, and courageous disruptors. She is founder and CEO of the Aisha Adams Media Group and partner organization Equity Over Everything, which advances equity by closing gaps in entrepreneurship and homeownership in low-resource communities. Aisha’s other ventures include the Asheville View, a daytime-style talk show that addresses “hot button” issues in Asheville, Nappy Thoughts, a personal blog followed by thousands of people on social media, and the Entrepreneurial Accelerator, a business bootcamp that ties fledgling businesses to community resources. She is also the program developer for the Lenoir-Rhyne Equity & Diversity Institute (LREDI). Aisha earned her bachelor’s degree in English from University of Alabama at Birmingham, and her Master of Science degree in Adult Education from Capella University. 

Rafrica Adams

Rafrica Adams

Audio/Visual Guy

I’m Rafrica Adams (Raf for short) and when I’m not ratcheting up my Tetris scores or vanquishing opponents in Words With Friends, I do audio/video tech work for AAMG. I graduated from UNCA in 1997 with a Mass Communication degree, and I have 20+ years of experience in multiple a/v fields, including sound engineering, still photography, live PA setup/operation and video production. Additionally, I have nearly 20 years of working full-time in a live television broadcast environment under my belt, and I’ve used what I’ve learned there and applied it to shooting/editing video.

I’ve also operated a DJ business for over 20 years where I’ve provided musical entertainment for clubs, weddings and corporate events; my website for that work is http://www.sine-language.com.


Erica Lewis

Erica Lewis

Visual/Process Designer

I love all things design! From graphic design to mapping out the automation that helps us better connect with you, I’m the woman who gets it done. I’m an Excel nerd who is learning to fall in love with Google Sheets. Making things beautiful (visual and technical) is my passion.

I have 15 years experience helping small, service-based businesses and larger corporate departments better utilize their existing software to streamline their processes.

Let’s Stay In Touch

We love connecting with potential clients and fans of our work. Please don’t hesitate to drop us a line. It typically takes up to 72 business hours for us to return messages. We look forward to hearing from you!


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