Build an Engaged Online Community

1 student

As business owners and solopreneurs, we’re always looking for new ways to build an audience and increase engagement. What if you had a community that helped you create content, inspire others, and even be a source of free marketing research that is specific to you and your business. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Maybe you have created a group or several groups and could not find a way to keep people active and engaged. Don’t worry, I have a solution for that. It’s time to rethink how your group’s purpose, structure, content, and pipeline.

Let me show you how we do it at Aisha Adams Media. In this class, we will:

  • Determine which type of online community to build
  • Show you how to keep people engaged in our group
  • Join & Stay Tip Sheet and Workbook included.
  • BONUS content at the end!