Hey, are you ready to learn how I got FREE publicity and advertising for my business? Watch the video, read the text or both.

Tools: Notebook, Pen

I’d like to share with you how I’ve been able to get free publicity and advertising for my business and how I was able to increase my visibility. This simple technique will get your business in front of more people. You’ll be able to share important news about your business without having to spend an arm and leg on advertising. My business started as a home-based business. I had a tight budget, and it was very difficult to get my business out there. This technique is perfect for businesses with limited budgets.

It is very important to let people know that your business exists and what services your business offers. It’s equally important to make sure they know that you are an expert on the services you are offering. When people spend money, they want to know that they are spending their money on someone who knows what they’re doing. This tip will help prove that you are an expert in your field and help people understand your products and services, without paying for advertising.

Take out your pen and paper. 
Write down this number: How many people do you feel you need to reach each month to achieve your financial goal? How much would it cost you in time and money to gain that reach number?

Note: The number of people you reach and the number of people you convert will be different. You may reach 10,000 people but only 1000 clicked or commented. The number of people who convert will be smaller.

My business offers business development and coaching. To achieve my conversion goal, I need to reach between 5,000 and 10,000 people monthly with some type of information on my business, whether it’s a new workshop or an email. The easiest way to get the result I need is through a press release.


Press Releases

Today, I’ll teach you about a press release and how you can get press release training. You’ll learn how to use a press release to leverage hundreds of thousands of people, gain visibility in your business, and show up as an expert.


How I Utilized Press Releases

I’m the author of Vegan Curious. After I got my title and ISBN, but before I published my book, I wrote a press release. I sent it out to bloggers, blog talk radio hosts, television hosts, and radio hosts. It let them know, in a professional medium, that I was taking new clients, that I was an expert in my field, and listed the things I’ve done that would allow me to be seen as a professional. Magazines called me back and said they’d love to interview me.

Press releases may lead to interviews or articles about you in other places that can reach audiences that you are unable to reach. When my article was published in the Asheville Citizen-Times, they had a 30,000 person reach. That’s 30,000 people I don’t normally have access to. I didn’t have to write the article. I didn’t have to pay for advertising. I didn’t have to worry about how that information would be seen. I used my Press Release, and I let the press do their jobs as experts to reach out to the audience they know best.


Because of the press release, I was in several magazines.

How did I get on Talk of Alabama? I sent a press release. How did I get on Bold Life Magazine? I sent a press release. Sending a professional Press Release will get people interviewing you, talking to you, doing articles on you, and it lets people know your business is up and running.


No Calls? No Problem

Sometimes you can write a sound press release with good solid information and not get a callback. Once I helped someone write a press release and the journalist didn’t call her back. The journalist used the press release to write an article that featured in the paper the day after Thanksgiving. She didn’t get a call, but her business was featured in the largest newspaper edition you can get into in the year.


Best Practices

When should you do press releases?

You should do a press release anytime you have big news in your business

How often should you send press releases?

3-4 times per year. Once per quarter is a good benchmark. Each quarter, ask yourself, what are we doing that really needs to be promoted and what way do I want to be seen?

Who should you target?

Start locally. Make a list of your major media. What are the blog talk radios, website, television shows, radio shows that you want to be apart of? Look them up to find out where the press release should be sent.


What are the key components of a press release?

  1. Press Release Format. There is a specific format for Press Releases. I have a Press Release template that shows you the layout of a Press Release and what information should be provided.
  2. Press Worthy Content. It needs to be something new, refreshing, exciting, something to write an article about.
  3. Show Your Authority. Be sure to include some kind of tip or information that will show you are an authority in your industry.


Now you know how to get free publicity and advertising for your business. You can download our Press Release Template for less than $5 and use it over and over to promote your business to thousands of people.