A Bundle of Courage Leadership Retreat


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Spark change and cultivate your influence

“A Bundle of Courage” is a digital leadership retreat for CEOs, non-profit leaders, educators, students, and social activists who intend to spark change and cultivate better communities.

This bundle is designed to help leaders identify their influence, stand on their core values, and activate their courage as they launch platforms, lead organizations, or run companies. As a bonus, I am sharing the Soulversation Series with you. Soulversations are conversations with remarkable people who changed the way I served and led.


Bundle includes:

  • “The Courage Principle” ebook
  • Courage Principle resources
  • Soulversation Series: A conversation with Mahogany Book’s Ramunda Lark Young
  • Soulversation Series: A conversation with Music Director Victoria Theodore
  • Soulversation Series: A conversation with Record Executive Mathew Knowles


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