It’s been great to work with the Redefining Health WNC team! This podcast was recorded and edited by Rafrica Adams of Aisha Adams Media using social distancing and his mobile recording set up. Stay tuned here or subscribe to the podcast through their website. 

What is the mission of the Redefining Health WNC Podcast

On the Redefining Health-Western North Carolina Podcast, Stephanie Swepson Twitty and Kathy Avery, RN, BSN address the social determinants of health and their impact on the quality of the lives of low-to-moderate income individuals pre-determined to experience poor health. 

Where to listen to Redefining Health- WNC Podcast? 

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Who hosts the Redefining Health- WNC Podcast?   

Stephanie Swepson-Twitty

Eagle Market Streets Development Corporation is a non for-profit, but for community benefit organization serving Asheville Buncombe and Western North Carolina by providing:

  • Property Development
  • Economic Business Development
  • Workforce Development
  • Access to Community Capacity Building

Kathey Avery, RN, BSN

Kathey Avery, founder and owner of Avery Health – Education and Consulting, has over 35 years of  experience in healthcare and community activism. She is dedicated to raising awareness about, and helping in the prevention of, chronic diseases and preventable cancers through patient and public education and personal accountability.