Facebook is continually changing algorithms. How do you keep up? Watch the video, read the text or both to learn my 3 tips for better Facebook engagement.

Tools: Notebook, Pen

Hey friends! I’m back to give you more great business tips. Tonight is all about Facebook engagement. I don’t know if you’ve heard but Mark Zukerberg put out a statement about the Facebook algorithm. I’m going to share with you how I personally keep good engagement on my Facebook page.

If we haven’t met before, my name is Aisha Adams. I am the founder and owner of Aisha Adams Media, business coaching and consulting. We help our customers Connect, Converse, and Convert their target audience.

How many of you are relying on Facebook to promote a product, or service, or to push a social justice movement or mission or vision out into the wider community? If you are doing any of these, this video is for you.

Mark Zuckerberg put up a statement today saying that they are changing the algorithm of Facebook. The algorithm is how Facebook distributes what is being posted. If you don’t know the tricks of the trade of what is being pushed up in the feed and what is pushed down, it’s hard to get good engagement.

Mark wants to keep Facebook more about connection and being social. He wants to keep family and friends connected. It’s social media; it should be social. Here’s what I want to say about that. My Facebook has always been social. Even though I make money via Facebook, it’s still very personal to me. I really connect in a deep way to people. I’ve always kept it personal because right now, business is always personal. I get the views I get because I’m personable. It’s not just business. These 3 tips will help you make connecting more personal so that you can beat the Facebook algorithm and show up as a real professional with character and integrity in your business.


Tip 1: Content is Queen

Regardless of how much and often Facebook algorithms change, one thing doesn’t. Content is still Queen. Today, I’m giving you the secret for what people are looking for and how to make your content Queen. If all the content you’re sharing is someone else’s content, that’s a problem. That’s one of the reasons people are not coming to your page. If you don’t know what to post, here you go:

You have to educate people about your product. If you’re selling detox tea, I don’t just want to know about the tea. I want the ingredients, why it works, who else is using it. You really have to get in there and get deep. If you want to sell me a book, I need the book trailer. I want to know the behind the scenes of the models on the cover. I need to know what inspired you to write it. I need more than this book was written by you. I need to feel connected to the product. You have to do the work through your content. Show me your integrity. What are you doing positive with this money if I buy this book from you? Are you donating part of the funds? Are you educating people? We live in a society today where we expect our dollars to travel. Those of us who invest in other businesses and connect with other people want to know the integrity you have in your business, who you’re partnering with. Post receipts, tells us about good reviews, or tell us about the other work that your partners are doing. Why is your product important, not just in your industry, but in the world in general. It’s those big products that connect to the bigger world that do the best. It’s really important to create content that is original, educates about the industry, and why it is important to the world. Show don’t tell. If you can show us why we should want the product without telling us, your product is sold. Whether it’s a for-profit or non-profit, it’s the same. Don’t just keep asking me to donate. Show me the work your organization is doing. Show me what you have done with the last donations you received. It’s still the same. You can’t just be like hey, give me your time, talent, and treasure…I want it, I want it, I want it. No, it’s up to you to do the work by creating valuable content and showing it to us.


Tip 2: Interact with Your Followers

Don’t create one-sided relationships. Don’t treat them like fans. If you have people who are buying your products, sharing out your business, supporting your business, you better interact with them. Treat them well. Let me tell you how to do that.

  • Like their statuses
  • Share products, statuses, content that they share that’s similar to your content
  • Inbox them about stuff. If you’ve never inboxed me and asked me how I’m doing, pop up in my inbox and ask me to buy your product. How rude!

This is how you build lifelong customers. This is how you get people to buy your premium product. This is how you get people to connect with you and really like you. This is how you get mentioned and referred. Treat people good. I’m not perfect, but what I am is conscientious about the people who support me. I’ll take the time out of my day to check on them. Don’t reduce your audience to fan status. If you make them feel like they are part of what you’re doing and who you are, they will support you! Content is Queen, but you have to be authentic. I understand. You’re busy. Choose a day and take 30 minutes to check in on your people. Make time to follow up with the people who are following you. You have to do this because if you don’t, you won’t have the relationships on Facebook to have the engagement you need.


Tip 3: Stay on Top of the Algorithm

Use the content that everyone else wants to see to push your content. People love video right now. I’m banging out with video content. I sit right here on the edge of my bed, and I talk to you guys and I get customers.

  • Video content works. Video is the favorite. Make videos. If you’re sitting at a non-profit and you need a new computer, make a video. Stop it with the long letters. No one is reading them.
  • Use pictures to tell your story. You can use a pictorial or other graphics. Break up long text with visuals that support your message. Be sure that your graphics are 80% image and 20% text. That will push it up in Facebook’s algorithm.
  • Post during active times. There are resources to help you determine when to post and software that will allow you to schedule those posts.
  • Join groups. Be active in groups that are in line with your product and services.

Do hashtags work with boosting posts? Facebook uses hashtags, but not in the same way. A hashtag may actually slow down your post. Only use hashtags on Facebook if the hashtag is trending. A lot of coaches recommend creating your own hashtag. That is great if you have a large following. Rather than hashtags, grow your list. Utilize a mailing list and CRM to send more targeted content to your audience and customer base.


So let’s recap…share content that relates to what you’re doing and engage your audience. Don’t make your followers fans, make them your community. Fans are Fickle, Community Stand Together. Stay on top of the algorithm. Post content in mediums and formats that speed up your posts.