AVL Wordfest 2020 has been canceled

In the interest of public health, Wordfest 2020 has been canceled. The same festival will be held in April 2021.

We are excited to partner with AVL WordFest. We will be hosting The Entrepreneurial Accelerator for Creative Writers that weekend. Right now, they are accepting proposals. 

Asheville Wordfest takes place at the downtown Asheville campus of the Lenoir-Rhyne University Graduate School. Classrooms seat 15-40 participants. Computers with projection and screens are available in every classroom. All rooms have speakers for quality sound media.

Deadline for Proposals: February 18, 2020.

Asheville Wordfest 2020 features different categories of 90-minute workshops. 

Geopoetics: Earth, People, Words: explore the relationship between nature and writing. Present workshops on engaging our relationship with the Earth. Present papers or considerations on eco-poetry and eco-prose, allowing time to create and share. Also, biologists, astronomers, climatologists, and all scientists are welcome to share knowledge.

Spirit and Story: Whether delving into ancient sacred texts or presenting meditation and insights into reclaimed energies and mysteries, these workshops invite awakening and deepened venturing.

“Equity Over Everything”: With thanks to Aisha Adams for use of this phrase, Asheville Wordfest welcomes workshops, talks, and experiences that promote understanding of systemic racism and that formulate positive paths forward for businesses, individuals, and families. Systems entrepreneurs, this category is for you.

Health, Wellness, Writing: Body, mind, spirit, and story all come together when we are moving through either illness, or trauma, or life’s many thresholds of Being. These workshops invite participants to write to heal, write about healing, and write to allay burnout for healers, allowing time to create and share. “Healing” applies to body, mind, spirit, and soul.

Entrepreneurship for Writers: Aisha Adams brings the Entrepreneurship Accelerator to writers to help participants apply practices of the marketplace to their writing careers.

Craft and Creation: Authors and Poets offer workshops on aspects of Craft, providing examples and techniques for achieving effective language. These workshops allow time to create new work and possibly share it.

Narrative and Storytelling: Present a story and a workshop on telling. Or, present an exploration on the nature of the story in film, art, and writing.


Participants pay $75 per workshop with a sliding scale option. Presenters keep 80% of the proceeds for their workshop. Presenters can donate proceeds to support Glenis Redmond’s Healing Journey.


Email your proposals to Lhopegill@gmail.com. Please include:

  • Name and contact info
  • Category
  • Title
  • Preferred time of day, or Saturday or Sunday, April 18,19.
  • 500-800 word description that embraces the spirit of exploration and humility in the face of a changing world. Wordfest seeks workshops that build community and kindness while providing instruments for thriving and discovery.