“The world needs Dreamers and the world need Doers, but most of all the world needs Dreamers who Do!”

– Sarah ban Breathnach

I was thrilled when Patrick Fitzsimmons asked me to come and hang out on the air with him and Carol Anders on Dreamers and Doers over at Asheville FM. I have to admit, I absolutely love conversing on the morning air waves, and it is no secret I’d love to have my own radio show one day.

Talking with the hosts was a lot of fun. Carol & Patrick are a fun pair to catch up with. Every Monday they feature folks from AVL’s artistic, entrepreneurial or non-profit sectors who are “Doing their Dream”. I feel really honored to have been asked to be on the show, and to be seen as a Dreamer who Does. When I get to reflect on my work with my colleagues, it helps me to see the bigger picture.  

Check out the show!

The Best Part

The best part about it was I got to catch up with Heidi Swann. Heidi is a serial entrepreneur who currently runs The Asheville Emporium. It is an eclectic mix of cool stuff and experiences for all ages and interests. The mission is about cultivating creativity and connection. I don’t know Heidi well, but we recently met at a non-profit fundraiser. 

Visit the Asheville Emporium

Ahseville FM

I’ve had a chance to be on Asheville FM a few times this year, but this time was a little different. You can normally find my sporadic Nappy Thoughts Podcast on the news hour. I really like being able to share my work projects. 

103.3 Asheville FM is a volunteer-based, grassroots community radio station. Their goal is to add to and reflect the rich stew of arts, culture and community involvement that is Asheville. They want to hear music, news, and the unusual, all produced right here in our neck of the woods. They want to hear sounds from around the world, discerned and distilled just for them by their neighbors. They want to help make connections between diverse groups and support the local economy of ideas.