What is WordCamp? 

WordCamp is a community-organized conference that focuses on anything a person with a WordPress website may want to know. 

Who Attends Wordcamp? 

The conference is open to the public, so everyone from casual users to bloggers, business owners, coders, developers, marketing professionals and graphic designers all come together to share ideas, exchange knowledge and build community with one another.

How I Discovered WordCamp? 

My friend Sarah Benoit invited me to propose a talk because she thought it would be something both me and the audience would enjoy, and she was right. I’ve been using WordPress for years, and it’s the platform I try to get my customers to use most often. It is the ONLY platform I use. I am not passionate about building websites, although I can hold my own in WordPress. I figured I’d bring my unique flavor to the community by teaching influence, authority building, marketing, equity and community building. So far, so good. I am making a name for myself in the WordPress community. 

How Many WordCamps Have I Attended? 

I have been to events in Greenville South Carolina (WPGVL), Asheville North Carolina (WPAVL), Birmingham Alabama (WPY’ALL), Philadelphia Pennsylvania (WP Philly), Raleigh North Carolina and Jacksonville Florida. I’ve also attended a couple of Charlotte NC meet-ups. 

Some of the audience members asking me questions after the talk.

Why Do I Attend WordCamp? 

1. Beta Testing

It was kind of cool to get to influence some of the greatest minds in tech, marketing, and entrepreneurship while simultaneously testing my classes out before they go to market. Some WordCampers are high-level tech experts (developers, coders, designers, SEO experts, marketers and entrepreneurs). I have learned so much about cybersecurity, new plugins, platforms and tools that have helped me improve or expand my business. 

2. Friendships

These critical thinkers challenge me on a personal and professional level, and I am better because of it. I have met some of my best friends within the WordCamp community. When I leave the dinner table with them, I am inspired to keep learning and to keep getting smarter. I am also often challenged to try new things and get uncomfortable.

3. Travel

WordCamp is a great way to see new places and meet people who are from those areas. I always meet the organizers, volunteers and participants who are in the communities we visit. It has been the best way to build my network. 

How I Got My Trip to WordCamp Philly Sponsored

One of my friends at WordCamp told me about a fund, and the point was to make WordCamp conferences more inclusive. The Yoast Diversity Fund will sponsor women and other underrepresented minorities with up to $1000 to travel to speak at a WordCamp in the US.

How to Apply for the Yoast Diversity Fund

Any Tips for Applying for the Yoast Diversity Fund?

The grant is reimbursable. Be sure you are prepared to pay for the cost of your trip upfront. 

Be sure to keep up with your receipts.

Why is Yoast Committed to Diverse Wordcamps?

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