Published in the Wellness section of the Mountain Xpress January 29 edition (p.26), Aisha Adams shines light on activists’ struggle to care for the community while also caring for themselves.

“As they work to create change, activists often struggle to find time and resources to devote to caring for themselves. Laboring between the lines to prevent harm and promote survival for society’s most vulnerable members can be intoxicating and motivating – as well as traumatic and taxing. And when the activists are themselves people of color, transgender or members of other marginalized groups, those challenges are often heaped atop other forms of discrimination and systematic exlusion.

Adding to the load many activists bear are the requirements associated with grant-funded work, which include complex organizational policies and extensive reporting requirements. Put it all together, and you have the ingredients for burnout.”

p26-29 Mountain Xpress 1/29/20

The article goes on to share self-care tips from local men of color.

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