Hey, are you ready to learn my secret weapon against anxiety and feeling stuck in my business? Watch the video, read the text or both.

Tools: Notebook, Pen

Happy New Year!

When you’re building a business, it’s easy to have anxiety. It’s easy to get stuck. It’s easy not knowing what to do first, second, and third. Because I’m leaving my full-time gig to do Aisha Adams Media full-time, I really had to have a tight plan. This secret is how I beat the anxiety. It’s how I’m not worried about what’s going to happen in 2018, and I’m going to share this secret with you.


  • It will help you get clear on your goals
  • It will let you know when, what, and how to carry out your plans
  • It will inform how you track your progress toward your goals.


About the Strategy

This is beyond vision board planning. It’s beyond quarter 1 planning. It is an actionable plan. It’s Action Planning. You need to know what you’re doing every single day. This strategy will make a difference in your business.

Action Planning started, for me, when I took a course with Kathleen Olsteen. She taught me the basis for action planning, but it was a group facilitation method. I took some of those tenants, along with my normal planning strategy, to create my own Action Planning method that is meant to help me run my business.


Why is This Important?

Businesses divide their year into 4 quarters. From January 1st to March 31st, do you know what’s happening in your business? Do you know how much money you plan on making? Do you know how visible you plan on being? Do you know where you’re going to advertise?

All of those things cause anxiety if you don’t know. If you don’t know when you’re going to do your sales, it causes anxiety. How many of you are running your business by the seat of your pants? You wake up and think, oh, I need to run a Valentine’s day promotion. That should already be in your wheelhouse. I know from now to March 31st what sales I’m going to run. I know what my sales are. I know what my goals for each sale are for the first 90 days of my business in 2018. I know everything I need to do. I have a calendar. I have a plan. I have action steps. You need to do the same for your business. You need to make sure you know what’s happening in your business on February 12. I know already know what’s happening in my business on January 15th. I don’t have to worry. The way my anxiety is set up, I have to know what I’m doing, what I’m supposed to be doing and how to track it. This business is real. It’s no longer a hobby for me. It was one thing when we were having 5k months, and I was working a job. That was one thing. Now that I’m in my business full time, I have to know where my income is coming from. The way that you do that is Action Planning


How it Works: Tips for Action Planning

  1. Start with smart goals
    Smart goals are specific, measurable and trackable.
  2. Work backward from your smart goals to determine how you can make the goal(s) a reality
    Ex: If you want to make 5k in your business, you have to decide what the products will be, what will be on sale, what are your calls to action.


Consequence of Not Action Planning

All of this planning has to happen. This goes beyond vision board planning. This is beyond setting goals. How many of you set a goal for your business, and three weeks later you’re discombobulated? You don’t know what to do next. You don’t know how you’re going to make your money. You haven’t really sat down to plan your business. I feel that there are so many people who aren’t strategically planning and that is causing them to lose out. When you plan, you prepare yourself for the unknown. When you plan, you plan for success, but there is also a bit of resiliency that happens because there is a plan in place for when things don’t go according to plan.


To really make traction in your business, it’s very important that you do action planning. It creates the steps for tracking your progress and attaining your goals.


Now you understand the importance of Action Planning in your business. To assist you in your planning process, you can download our Promotion Calendar that includes suggested promotion dates, along with tips and a space for notes. It’s less than $5, and you can use it year over year to help plan your promotions for each quarter.


Want to learn more about Action Planning and get started crushing your goals in 2018?

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