“Aisha Adams of Aisha Adams Media Group on Leveraging Business as a Pathway to Freedom”

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”‘It’s been ingrained in me that whatever I did, it needed to free me, and it needed to resonate with generations after me.’

So says Aisha Adams of Aisha Adams Media, who began her career as a high school teacher, recruited by the Asheville City system as part of a diversity, equity, and inclusion initiative to support struggling readers. ‘Teaching completely centered my viewpoint. It makes you realize that schools are nothing but reflections of the challenges facing that particular city,’ she says.

During her tenure, Adams became accustomed to supporting her students as they encountered violence, gang affiliation, and early interactions with the criminal justice system. She also noticed that the majority of her struggling students were Black, a reality that deepened her resolve to make a broader impact on the systems which held them back.’The work that I was doing, it was good work. But I was never going to make the impact that I wanted to make,’ she adds.”

Written by Angelina Gurrola.

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